Paris Travel Attractions You Will Simply Love

Paris Travel Attractions You Will Simply Love

Paris is truly magical city – home to iconic monuments and elegant cafes alike, making this the capital of France an unparalleled travel experience.

The Louvre is an iconic museum. Though large in scale, you can usually view most of its collection within two to three hours.

The Musee d’Orsay is widely considered one of the world’s premier impressionist and post-impressionist art museums, providing access for those with reduced mobility in wheelchairs or who require assistance for free. Wheelchairs are available and wheelchair users may enter for free. Taipei to Paris Cathay Pacific flights also offer such accommodations.


Sainte-Chapelle (Holy Chapel), Paris is an irresistibly alluring landmark that draws visitors from around the world. A gem of Gothic architecture, this exquisite church stands as one of Paris’s main draws and one of the best places to view Lady and Unicorn tapestry series. If possible, visit on a sunny day to witness stained glass’s vibrant colors at their peak!

Built during the 13th century by King Louis IX to house Passion relics from Jesus Christ’s Passion by King Louis Vll and later Queen Marie IX, it has since become one of the country’s top attractions. Situated within Palais de la Cite or City Palace where medieval-era kings lived during medieval periods; part of French national heritage; an absolute must for Paris travelers!

This beautiful chapel contains 1113 stained glass windows and an amazing medieval engineering ceiling – making it a masterpiece that must be seen first-hand! Tour the cathedral either independently or join one of its guided visits; English tours last 1 1/2 hours daily while an audio guide costs 3 euros; those interested in art and history should opt for the latter, which provides plenty of additional information about windows’ histories.

Take the Metro and exit at Cite stop; from here, the Palace of Justice complex is only one block away. If you have purchased either the Paris Pass or Museum Pass, admission to its church will be complimentary; otherwise it will cost approximately 10 euros per adult visitor.

Experience the magic of Sainte-Chapelle through attending a classical music concert held throughout the year at this medieval venue. These concerts provide an entrancing musical experience. I recommend checking the schedule prior to your trip and seeing if any are scheduled during your stay; these will add an unforgettable memory that you won’t soon forget!

Cafe de la Paix

Cafe de la Paix is an iconic spot on The Left Bank located behind Les Deux Magots that offers amazing people-watching. Although the food can be pricey, its worth the experience. Sit outside on their terrace to take in all that this iconic venue offers; everything from Foie Gras du Cafe to Mille-Feuille can be found there.

Cafe de la Paix is an exquisite restaurant that expertly blends the elegance of Napoleon III decor with more contemporary designs expressed through streamlined shapes and natural tones. Offering seafood platters, steak frites, salads and sandwiches with French influences as well as classic French desserts like eclairs and Napoleons; those looking for sweet indulgence may try Mille Feuille pastry, served alongside soft vanilla ice cream.

Established under Napoleon III’s rule in 1862, this luxurious 1800s institution is a must for both tourists and locals. Situated near Opera, this place has seen some of Paris’ most celebrated writers, artists and politicians dine here over time. Not to mention one of Paris’ most breathtaking settings with golden columns and frescoes! As an added bonus it now holds historical monument status, guaranteeing you an experience you won’t soon forget when entering its doors!

Attracting visitors of all backgrounds, this cafe provides an ideal stop between museums, opera, or Louvre visits. No wonder why so many visit – its decor is lovely, service is attentive, and food delicious – making this one of the world’s most beloved cafes! I highly recommend it as one of Paris’ premier casual yet classy cafes!

La Petite Ceinture

Paris is an ideal city for anyone who appreciates urban exploration and the romance of decay, offering iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower as well as numerous museums such as Musee d’Orsay or Louvre that house art works from Impressionism or Mona Lisa; parks such as Parc Monceau or Jardin du Luxembourg will round out any visit perfectly.

Petite Ceinture offers those seeking an unusual and offbeat experience an abandoned railway line which runs around the city’s periphery. First constructed under Napoleon III and operating for approximately 20km before it was eventually abandoned due to the introduction of metro system in 1934; following which most sections of its steel construction was scrapped for scrap metal but a few sections have since been converted into green space known as Promenade Plantee; making this popular spot ideal for walking and relaxing away from more tourist-packed parts of city.

Restricted tracks have been abandoned to the elements, frequented by joggers and cyclists. Not always open to the public, some tunnels can become dark and dismal, as can the rest of Petite Ceinture itself; therefore it is wise to bring along an experienced guide along with you and bring a flashlight.

If you want to see how the tracks operate up close, Association Sauvegarde Petite Ceinture provides lectures and tours along the line. Tours stop at Montrouge-Ceinture station so visitors can learn about its history while hearing some stories that inspired it; each tour lasts approximately two hours at approximately $50; additionally, Atlas Obscura hosts walks which cost $30 per person for participation.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Marie de’ Medici (Queen of France) created these gardens to accompany Luxembourg Palace as part of her new residence, yet today they attract both Parisians and tourists looking for an oasis in nature. Covering 23-hectares, there are flowerbeds, fountains, statues and the Grand Bassin with rental model boats available for an enjoyable boating trip around its waters.

On sunny days you can also find locals and visitors huddling together under shaded chairs surrounding the pool, sipping wine. Also notable is a 17th-century-designed fountain called Fontaine Medicis with an Italian-style pond – both dating back to its initial 17th-century plan.

As well as visiting the garden’s oldest carousel and massive playground featuring zipline and log bridge features, visitors can also experience its puppet theater which holds shows every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday as well as all school holidays; tennis/chess courts for play-on or takeaway play; children’s zoo, pony rides; as well as two refreshment stalls selling snacks to enjoy right there or take home are also part of this experience.

If visiting during the warmer months, arrive early at the gardens to ensure you secure a seat as they tend to get packed quickly. The Grand Bassin in particular tends to draw crowds; here kids may often be seen sailing vintage toy boats on its waters.

Visit Luxembourg Palace, home to the French Senate and Musee du Luxembourg; Paris’ first art museum–showcasing two exhibits annually featuring art by Monet, Renoir and Pissarro in 2023’s exhibitions. For something a bit more serious check out Musee Zadkine, which details Russian sculptor Ossip Zadkine.